About Lisbeth Janelle

After 10 years working in International business development in the Oil and Gas Industry, Lisbeth experienced first hand the toll and pressure that her work placed on her body and mind.  After discovering and incorporating a regular yoga practice into her routine in 2014 she immediately noticed the transformative effects that a mindfulness based wellness practice had on increasing productivity, strategic thinking, sales connections, and overall general well-being.  Now having obtained over 1200 hours of training and teaching experience in embodied leadership focused yoga, and currently obtaining a Masters Degree in Positive Leadership, Strategy, and Transformation from IE University, Having been raised in several countries outside of her home country, she also realized how useful these practices would have been had she learned them early on.

Lisbeth has dedicated her new career path to enhancing Workplace Wellbeing.  Creating The Good Yoga Project and The Power Trippers, combined her passions for Social Impact driven business, Corporate wellness, and helping students embarking on a cross cultural transition.  As a creative and Innovative entrepreneur, she credits a Mindfulness based awareness with her unique business models.  Sharing this practice with companies and communities and students has become not only a profession but a passion!

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